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By connecting with a Unified Field our awareness is able to expand our perception beyond our mind's limitation of the self.


Understanding this statement is where these paintings penetrate the limitations of our conscious restrictions - bursting to life a connection within our heart that expands the present moment and awareness of the subtle world beyond the gross loudness our world is seemingly fixated upon. For most of us, this subtle reality remains hidden.


The access point is moving your consciousness beyond time by connecting with your own expanded energetic heart field, initially through meditation or visualisation. These paintings are about this Heart Connection and where this leads us all... Transforming our stellar DNA, expanding our consciousness and connecting with our destined future!



Awakening - About DNA

Awakening - About DNA

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Inspired by visions and paintings, artist Robert Selkirk describes his creative stumbling over a dormant spiritual technology. An artist’s journey into a future literally painting a picture of how connecting with our heart is a key for embodying a new reality to quantum shift our consciousness.

Scientific evidence is already here confirming what the author is saying; that humans are capable of creating and sustaining their own free energy through their energetic heart. 


With simple practical exercises to raise awareness and practical understanding of an expanded heart consciousness – inspired paintings and writing all backed up by an emerging science that can no longer be ignored by the mainstream intellectual dogma. Your reconnection to KNOW how to transform your stellar DNA consciousness is a subtle fire stirring within your heart. 


This is not only a personal story of spiritual struggle but a road map to the heart that has come a live through the visions and paintings of one artist living in Jerusalem.


Remembering this is the frequency code locked away in your heart, containing the very keys you are here at this time to awaken, is sparked to life by the realisation of your own connection. This is an inter dimensional book embodying the connection to your heart. Your reconnection to know is a subtle fire stirring within your heart. 

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first few chapters.